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Electric Arc Furnace
ISPL Demag make 35 T Ultra High Power EAF with Eccentric Bottom Tapping and Auto Melt Control.
Ladle Refining Furnace ,VD and VOD
ISPL Demag make LRF with all latest Features.
INDOMAG make VD/VOD unit. Tank degasser with 6 – ejector (Steam Ejector) system with Continuous argon purging.
Bloom caster
Demag make ‘C’ type, 10.5/21 meters twin radius.
Twin Strand Bloom Caster with Mould Electromagnetic Stirrer (EMS) AEG ALOTHERM make Siemens computerised process control.
Ladle shrouding, sub entry nozzle, Hot tundish Practice .Tundish Flow modifiers.
Automatic Mould Level Controller (AMLC) from SERT. France.
Auto cutting machine by MESSER GRIESHEIM.
Ingot casting : Bottom Pouring
100% Bottom pouring practice with continuous Argon shrouding.
Pit Cooling
12m wide dog type cooling bed.
8Nos of slow cooling pits
Soaking pit furnace for 2t/3t ingot heating under project.
Sandvik -Kanthal Make Gas Fired 35 Mt Bogie Hearth Type Furnace For Annealing and Normalizing.

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