Facility - SMS
Facility - Rolling Mill
Facility - Finishing
Facility - Pipe Plant
Facility - Quality
Facility – Pipe Plant
Billet Reheating Rotary Hearth Furnace
Vertical Extrusion Press
Stretch Reducing Mill (SRM)
Cold Pilger Mill-3 Nos
Cold Draw Bench-2 Nos
Heat Treatment – Annealing, Normalizing, Stress Relieving
Hydrotesting Machine
NDT – Eddy Current Test / MPI / Ultrasonic Test
Most modern plant with vertical extrusion process – suitable for alloy and special grade steels
Capacity of 30,000 MTPA for Seamless Pipes & Tubes
Key process equipments have been designed by Mannesmann Demag & Schloeman (Germany)
PLC control for Press & RHF for precise temperature control and extrusion parameters
18 stand SRM with PLC & SCADA controls and variable speed drives for thickness control
Unique roll calibration lathe to avoid ID polygon on low D/T ratios
36 meter variable speed cooling bed
Beringher (Germany) make bundle cutting machine for higher productivity
Continuous furnace of 110 meter long for Spherodizing and Annealing with inert atmosphere (N2 & H2) for alloy grades
30 meter hydrotesting with 10000 psi test pressure
Dr. Fosters Eddy Current and Rota UT with 6 channels GE inspection technology (Krautkramer)
Modern surface treatment plant with draw benches for 30 meter tube lengths

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